Intranet Zone

Intranet Zone

The Site may be added to the Intranet Zone (in Internet Options) by specifying a setting with the key Policies.TrustedSites and an array of URLs. These URLs are parsed by RealmJoin and written to a registry key called ZoneMap.

One might specify the following JSON array:

["file://", ""]

which will result in the following rules:


  • Windows will interpret a naked domain like file:// as file://*

  • RealmJoin does not allow for wildcard protocols. You must specify all protocols explicitly.

  • RealmJoin will manage all protocols for a configured domain and remove any user-added protocols.

  • RealmJoin will not manage other domains which are not configured in this setting.


Many customers have extensive Intranet Zone list. Clean it up! Investigate whether a site works without adding it to the Intranet Zone.

  • Add a site using https protocol if it uses Integrated Windows Authentication or other legacy features like ActiveX.

  • Add a server using file protocol if it is accessed using SMB.

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