JSON - Short Overview

JavaScript Object Notation (short JSON) is a format for storing and transporting data. JSON is often used to send data from a server to a web page.

Syntax and Structure

A JSON object is based on a key (name) and a value, that is typically rendered in curly brackets.

Key: A key is always a string enclosed in quotation marks. Value: A value can be a string, number, boolean expression, array or object

A pair of a key and a value is an object. An object is surrounded by curly brackets ({}). You can separate information (in an object) by ":" and "," .

  • ":" = Separates name from value

  • "," = Separates name-value pairs

JSON examples

The following example is about a configuration of AnyDesk:

"Integration": {
    "AnyDesk": {
        "Enabled": true,
        "BootstrapperUrl" "https://.../.../AnyDesk.exe",
        "Ui":{"TrayMenuEnglish": "Start remote session"



In RealmJoin Group Settings, the JSON from above looks like this:

Key = Integration Value = {"AnyDesk: { "Enabled": true, "BootstrapperUrl": "https://../.../AnyDesk.exe", "Ui": {TrayMenuTextEnglish": "Start remote session} } }

Split the All-in-one JSON

It is also possible to enable AnyDesk with the following JSON:

Key = Integration.AnyDesk.Enabled Value = true

You just add AnyDesk and Enabled to the key, separated by dots.

Similar to this you can add BootstrapperUrl and TrayMenuTextEnglish as well:

Key = Integration.AnyDesk.BootstrapperUrl Value = "https://../.../AnyDesk.exe"


Key = Integration.AnyDesk.UI.TrayMenuTextEnglish Value = "Start remote session"

These three single JSON settings are equal to the JSON from All in one. Combine all of them and you will get the same result from All in one


If you want neither the all in one JSON nor the three single JSON settings you can use a combination of all of them:

Key = Integration.AnyDesk Value = {"Enabled":true, "BootstrapperUrl": "https://../.../AnyDesk.exe", "UI":{"TrayMenuTextEnglish": "Start remote session"} }

JSON Arrays

A JSON array represents a list of values. An array is rendered by square brackets ( []). An array contains multiple values. The values in an array must be separated by commas.

The following example shows the RealmJoin tray menu, specially the WebLinks section:

Key = WebLinks Value = [ { "Name": "Google", "Target": "https://www.google.com/", "Platform": "any" }, { "Name": "Azure", "Target": "https://portal.azure.com", "Platform": "any" } ]

As as result of these JSON you get a WebLinks list which contains two links. Google and Microsoft Azure.

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