RealmJoin Classic


RealmJoin can be deployed on a device using one of multiple ways, depending on the individual scenario. As a first step, download the RealmJoin installer of your choice and preceed to the desired installation method.
Stable release: RealmJoin Release Version
Beta Channel (near to stable, for long time testing): RealmJoin Beta Version
Canary Channel (Experimental, first testing): RealmJoin Canary Version

Front-End (Client)

The front-end component of RealmJoin is a RealmJoin client, which is installed on the Windows 10 device. With the installed RealmJoin client an individual user is can access and install provided software in self-service. Packages assigned as required by the administrator are installed automatically on the first Logon after assignment. RealmJoin is responsible for two different processes running on the device:
  • The realmjoin.exe process is started up automatically on Logon. The process is always running and sends upstream data (compare to chapter RealmJoin Portal every 15 minutes).
  • The realmjoinservice.exe is called when a package requires the SYSTEM mode to be processed. It is not running by default.


The following pre-requirements are necessary for RealmJoin:
  • Microsoft Azure with Azure AD
  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Intune
RealmJoin runs on every Windows 10 device. A Windows 10 certified device with a TPM chip is recommended to ensure BitLocker initialization.